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Introducing the Adult ADD Time Management Intensive

On-Demand Program with Laura Rolands

    • FACT: The average person today receives more information on a daily basis, than the average person received in a lifetime in 1900.
    • FACT:: Taking five minutes per day, five days per week to improve will create 1,200 little improvements over a five-year period.
    • FACT: The average person gets 1 interruption every 8 minutes, or approximately 7 an hour, or 50-60 per day.
    • FACT: The average person uses 13 different methods to control and manage their time.

      And you expect someone with ADD / ADHD to learn time management!?!?

      If you’re thinking that time management courses only work for people WITHOUT the added complications that ADD / ADHD throws in the mix…


      Laura Rolands and want to prove you wrong!

      Laura Rolands is a coach whose passion is to support, lead and inspire independence and success for people who have either been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or who are facing other attention-related challenges.

      Does this Sound Like You?

      • “I wish time would just stop for a while so I can catch up!”
      • If only I could get time under control…”
      • “Time management is just a dream for those of us with ADD / ADHD.”
      • “Work and home would be so much better if I could just get a grasp on my time!”
      • “It always seems like I wait until the last minute to get things done – WHY do I procrastinate like this?”

      If you found yourself saying “YES!!!!” to more than one of the statements above, the Adult ADD Time Management Intensive Program is designed specifically for you!

      • WARNING!

        This program is only for people who:

      • are serious about digging in to the course materials and making the most of them
      • want to vanquish procrastination once and for all
      • are ready to turn the time management monster into a purring lap cat

      This is what you will learn:

      • How to clarify and reach your time management goals
      • An understanding of why time management is SO challenging for adults with ADD / ADHD.
      • Why interruptions are detrimental and strategies to help limit them.
      • How to identify strategies to increase efficiency by planning ahead and using planners that work for you.
      • Strategies for overcoming procrastination.
      • To Understand where your time goes
      • How to identify personal organizing style and strategies for using it to save time.
      • To Determine what time wasters disguised as time savers get in your way.
      • How to use the strategies we present throughout the program to make positive progress to overcoming your time management challenges.
      • Ways to effectively prioritize your to do list.

      I wanted to thank you for the class on Time Management. It was a great class and I am doing a little more each day to enhance my Time Management. It was not too overwhelming. Laura, you were very supportive. I felt like you were very much there for us. You are the Queen of Time Management & really know how to present it, do it by examples you gave us and teach it.

      Karen R

      Here is what is included:

      • 4 Pre-Recorded Online Webinar Classes (75 minutes each)
      • Access to slide presentations
      • Downloadable mp3 Audio Recordings for all 4 classes
      • Downloadable PDF Slides for all 4 classes
      • Downloadable Digital Workbook for each class
      • Downloadable Handouts for each class
      • Private Member-Only Website (Not Facebook)
      • 24/7 Peer Support Forum
      • Lifetime Access to website and materials

      Limited Time Bonus:

      About the Bonus +

      Got Time? Productivity Through Time Management : ADHD and time management are a difficult combination and can often come along with missed deadlines, lost focus during meetings or lectures, and working late into the night. Join us for this webinar to learn tools and strategies to manage time and accomplish more during your day. Participants will be able to identify strategies for reducing interruptions and increasing available time, ways to overcome procrastination and how to increase efficiency by planning ahead and using planners that work for them individually. Laura Rolands

      Understanding and Applying the Science of Time Management: Most people with ADD /ADHD struggle with time management and doing the right things at the right times. This presentation will go beyond all the basic strategies and take a deeper look at the science of time awareness and time management so that attendees can really understand why time is such a struggle for those with ADD / ADHD. We will discuss the concepts of time horizon and temporal discounting to provide a foundation to understand why the strategies in the second half of the presentation work better. These strategies will help those with ADD / ADHD to see time more effectively by externalizing it and then feel time more effectively by building motivation to act towards the future.

      This began as a one part presentation, but as Dr. Tuckman created the notes for it, he realized that there was more and more important information that needed to be included in order for this presentation to be as helpful as possible. This presentation will fundamentally change how you think about time and therefore how you manage it. You will finally understand, in a much more meaningful way, how ADD / ADHD impacts time and what you can do about it. Part 1 will focus on understanding the science of time management and part 2 will focus on applying it. Dr. Ari Tuckman 

      ADHD & Punctuality: Even You can Learn to be On-Time: Your struggle with punctuality impacts every area of your life, and you’ve probably figured out by now that simple approaches like setting your clocks ahead and vowing to get up earlier really don’t make much difference. You’re not a hopeless case! Join ADHD Expert & Coach Lynne Edris to unravel why you struggle to be on-time, and learn simple tools to improve punctuality and reduce the stress that comes from constantly racing the clock. Lynne says that if she can learn to be on-time, you can, too! Lynne Edris

      Find More Time: Death to Time Vampires:  Many things are stealing your time of which you are mostly unaware: Time Vampires. They suck away tons of your time every day…and then disappear into the night. Leaving you to wonder…Where did all that time GO? What the heck did I get DONE today? Examples? Your email. Your own thoughts. Your perfectionism. In this webinar, Alan Brown, ADHD coach and creator of ADD Crusher™ videos, will identifyall of them, and show you how to kill them – so that you can have…more…TIME! Alan Brown 

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